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Make the most of your move to the cloud!

Posted: August 26th, 2013 by Stephanie Brummer

Source: ITWeb

Press Release issue by Global Research Partners
Johannesburg, South Africa, 26 Aug 2013

Cloud computing is changing the way businesses and individuals access technology. As broadband availability increases and data costs come down, the expansion and adoption of the cloud as an integral part of information services delivery will continue to be one of the most important developments in the evolution of the ICT market. Much has already been said, and much more will continue to be aired, over the coming weeks and months regarding this topic, and undoubtedly, it will bring many benefits; however, many organisations move to the cloud without being aware of all the options available to them, and as a result, miss out on even greater opportunities.

“Many companies that move to the cloud are not making the most of the potential benefits that the cloud can offer,” commented Edge Bisset, CEO of CyberLogic, “because simply moving existing systems onto the cloud only has operational benefits and is not in itself a game changer. Generic off-the-shelf cloud offerings can therefore only offer limited value.

“However, a customised cloud implementation can go beyond those operational benefits and can have real strategic advantages,” continued Bisset. “A customised cloud solution allows the company to mine existing data, to present it to clients and partners in new ways – in the any format – and with appropriate security in place. It also creates new touch points and communication channels with clients and partners that enable the company to tighten the relationships with its customers and suppliers. In this way, a tailored cloud solution can enable the company to:

* generate new revenue streams;
* add extra value to clients by giving them easy access to data they had to manually request before;
* automate manual functions;
* allow clients to ‘self-service’, thereby reducing the internal workload;
* extend the available service hours to a 24/7 basis, thus allowing clients to access their data or transact at any time; and,
* differentiate itself in the market.

These are the real and strategic benefits, which add value far beyond just duplicating the existing systems in the cloud.

“Not surprisingly, this requires a tailored approach, ie one that is customised to the client’s requirements; it’s not about buying a cloud ‘product’, but about understanding ways in which cloud technology can be applied to extract hidden value within the company,” concluded Bisset. “Very often, clients don’t realise the value of the data they have at their disposal. A solid understanding of cloud technology, along with an insight into the company’s business model and data sources, is the key to unlocking this hidden value. To achieve that, it’s important to have a specialist partner with experience in the design, implementation and management of private and hybrid cloud models. It is also important that the cloud strategy is driven by business, along with IT; ie it is not an ‘IT’ project, but a business project with IT as a key enabler. The cloud partner needs to clearly understand that, and be able to participate in that process accordingly. That is what CyberLogic is all about.”

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Ramadaan 2013 – the challenge completed!

Posted: July 24th, 2013 by Stephanie Brummer

RamadaanAs those who have read our previous blog post will know, we recently challenged our non-Muslim staff to fast for a week, in accordance with the guidelines of Ramadaan. In this way, we’ll come to appreciate what it’s like for those who do undertake such a fast! So, while Ramadaan will only come to an end on the 8th or 9th of August with the sighting of the new moon, the challenge at CyberLogic ended this weekend.

The staff members participating in the challenge had to make many changes in their daily routine. Most had to get up earlier in the morning in order to make sure they ate a nutritious breakfast before sunrise – a breakfast which would give them strength to face the long day. Most of them commented, however, that the most difficult was going the whole day without water. When asked if they were eating more in the evening to make up for the lack of food in the day they remarked that they had, in fact, eaten less at dinnertime than normal and our resident sweet-tooth said he is no longer craving his candy.

Even the staff not fasting benefited from the experience as they now have a better understanding of how challenging it can be to fast, as well as being more aware of their own vices such as coffee!

Herbex responded to our encouragement and took up the challenge themselves. We competed to see which company would have the highest number of employees completing the week – and the losing company would pay a ‘penalty’ of R2000 to the Happy Child Foundation, on top of the donations made by the company for each staff member who completed the week.

At the end of the week Cyberlogic won the battle with five employees completing the challenge. Meanwhile, Herbex had two employees who completed the challenge. This equates to a massive R9000.00 donation to the Happy Child Foundation which, will help to supply more than 1800 Happy Bars to hungry children!

Thank you to all who participated last week – you have helped to make a big difference in the lives of many little people!

We wish all our Muslim friends a blessed Eid-Al-Fitr next month.

Ramadaan 2013

Posted: July 15th, 2013 by Stephanie Brummer

The month-long fast of Ramadaan began on 10th July for our Muslim staff and it has had the rest of the CyberLogic team wondering – what is the significance of Ramadaan and how does it work?

The rules of Ramadaan are fairly straightforward: for one month all practicing, able-bodied Muslims over the age of 12 are not allowed to eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. They also should not participate in “sensual pleasures” such as smoking, sex or even listening to music during those hours.

Ramadaan is intended to be a time where you are “in a pure state – in terms of thought, speech and action”. Aside from the spiritual element there are apparently many health benefits to periodic fasting. These include detoxification, resting the digestive system, correcting high blood pressure and an increased awareness of eating habits.

In the spirit of solidarity with our Muslim friends, and in order to become better and healthier human beings, some of the non-Muslim CyberLogic staff have decided to challenge themselves by joining in the fast for the week of the 15th to the 19th July. No doubt this will be illuminating experience for the participating team members – many of whom struggle to go for longer than an hour or two without coffee, never mind food or water!

For every employee who fasts for the week, CyberLogic will make a donation to the Happy Child Foundation. This will go toward helping those who often go without and hopefully put some smiles on a few little faces.

We encourage any other businesses or individuals to join with us in this challenge – a small donation of R150 is enough to provide one child with a “Happy Bar” every day for a whole month! For more information on the Happy Bar, visit the Happy Child Foundation.

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