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CyberLogic makes it into MSPmentor 501

Source: ITWeb

Press Release issue by Global Research Partners
Johannesburg, South Africa, 11 Mar 2013

CyberLogic, a Cape Town-based IT service and support company, today announced it was one of only 10 South African companies that made it into the MSPmentor 501 – 2013 edition, a listing of and the ultimate guide to the world’s best managed services […]

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5 ways to get the most out of an IT support call

As we all know, calling in for IT support is seldom a fun experience. To start off, you are probably frustrated by the fact that technology is not working for you. You may already be missing a deadline, or at least falling behind, as a result of whatever computer trouble you are having. And to add […]

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CyberLogic shaves it all off for CANSA!

So, the CANSA Shavathon day finally came, and we thought we’d better do our best to represent the managed services industry. Everyone (or almost everyone) thought it was a great idea, before hand. We do like to support a good cause, after all. But once they saw how they looked without hair, some of the […]

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VDSL is coming! But what is it?

It usually takes something special to get our IT support engineers excited, but right now they are beaming! And the reason for this jolly mood is that Christmas is coming early this year, for many South African Internet users.

Instead of Santa Claus bringing a bag of gifts, however, it’s Telkom that are delivering the goods! And the present […]

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro Launched (and sold out!)

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet, which was released in the US on Saturday, sold out on the same day. Of course, we’ve come to expect that – Apple’s product launches have set the bar pretty high in terms of pre-launch excitement – but it’s great to see Microsoft also generating some excitement with their product launches. […]

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Re-boxing the ‘IT guy’

Some professions have a natural sexiness about them. Think of the brawny fire fighter, complete with designer stubble and bulging biceps, who spends his days rescuing damsels from distress and kittens from trees. That is sexy! Or think of the fighter pilot, soaring through the stratosphere at supersonic speed, shooting down “bogies”, risking life and limb […]

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Managing the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ trend

One of the greatest changes we’ve seen in the workplace over the last few years is the growing number of personal devices, such as smart phones and tablet computers, which are being used for work purposes.

This ‘Bring Your Own Device’ trend, or BYOD, is certainly here to stay. But while this use of technology clearly […]

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Sudden spike in smishing attacks!

Following up on our previous post from two weeks ago, it seems that there has been a sudden spike in the number of smishing attacks in the USA over the last few days. According to this article, the number of smishing attacks rose by over 900 percent in the first week of September, with many […]

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What is Smishing?

The Internet is full of scammers trying to take your hard-earned money away from you. They’ll try every trick in the book. In fact, they’re the ones writing the book!

One of the most common ways of trying to lure you into giving up your personal details is by “fishing” for your information. In computer speak, […]

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A stylish stylus!

Our IT Support team frequently receive questions about tablets and accessories, and until now we have been stumped when people ask us for advice on purchasing a stylus for note taking and drawing. Given the plethora of drawing and note taking applications available for the iPad, it’s surprising how few decent options there are when it comes to […]

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