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We achieve the best outcomes through our ability to provide the most flexible solutions in the market – by blending our approach and technology solutions we create real value that increases efficiency and lowers overall costs.

Manufacturing and Logistics

The competitive marketplace and demand for high-quality products has changed the nature of the manufacturing and distribution industry in the past decade. We help our clients make the best use of their technology to ensure that the most value is derived from their IT infrastructure while at the same time architect solutions so that secure and segregated networks for manufacturing equipment eliminate outages and improve the overall end user experience. We help our clients manage their dispersed workforce and through secure policies ensure that staff are able to access business applications that are of utmost importance to deliver on our clients promises to their customers.


Partnered with industry leading technology providers and manufacturers, we help our clients gain access to cutting-edge technology by providing experience and expertise in architecting scalable solutions. We understand that our clients strive for fully automated landscapes and by guiding our clients with best practice approaches, our clients have reliable and highly performant technology stacks needed to deliver the outcomes needed. Our clients trust us with managing the infrastructure so that they are able to focus on delivering solutions to their customers.

Higher Education

Increased competition and new free-tuition regimes have only added to the challenges of moving higher education institutions towards a corporate commercial model within a no-profit making framework. Cyberlogic has extensive experience in providing solutions to clients in the higher education market, whether it is developing an overall shared services approach or best value analysis of functions within a technology strategy.


To be competitive in the automotive market, our clients need to excel in operational efficiency, responsiveness and cost control. Cyberlogic solutions helps to meet these by streamlining systems to create labour and inventory items efficiency in the supply chain. Our extensive knowledge in this market helps our clients seamlessly exchange relevant data, improve disjointed business practices and target cost control.

Banking and Insurance IT Services

Cyberlogic has significant expertise in strategy, implementation and support across financial institutions including:

  • Investment banking
  • Wealth management and private banking
  • Offshore banking
  • Asset Management
  • Insurance

Our clients rely on us to ensure that they comply with regulatory requirements for segregation of duties and to ensure that the least amount of administrative privileges is used in order to maintain the environment. We help our clients by designing solutions that are resilient, redundant and secure so that systems and data have the maximum possible uptime and that data is stored for periods aligned to regulation. Our clients find value in our guidance to establish internal governance and policies to meet business requirements.

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