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Cyberlogic Managed Solutions offers your organisation a complete IT capability by owning your IT landscape – we support your users, resolve issues and liaise with third party suppliers, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Our 24/7 Helpdesk is central to all our support services and is underpinned by our award-winning remote monitoring and pro-active management system. Our competent technicians have access to specialised cross-platform skills in our escalations team, if the need arises, to ensure that every issue is resolved.

User Support

Our proven service delivery model ensures that our clients can rely on fast, secure and efficient support. Your business will be able to handle issues smoothly with minimal disruption.
Centralised  Help Desk
Access to an always available national Help Desk to log and escalate support issues. The Service Desk Team also does first line troubleshooting and resolution on many requests, e.g. password resets. 
Telephonic and Email Support Logging
You can contact our Help Desk telephonically or via e-mail for your support queries. Support hours are between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Standby and 24/7 support is available on request.
Remote and Onsite Support

Our Remote Support Team is the first line of defense and our Onsite Team deals with support related enquiries that cannot be handled remotely, e.g. machine and peripheral replacements, connectivity issues, etc.

User Onboarding and Offboarding
We assist your HR team with user on and offboarding and follow standard operating procedures as defined by your business requirements.
3rd Party Application Support Facilitation
Our Support Team is the interface between users and 3rd  party application vendors. With experience in first-line resolution in many industry leading systems, we sort out typical day-to-day application issues. 
VIP User Support
We cater for VIP user support to make sure that key business stakeholders get prioritised support when needed. 

Infrastructure Support

We provide our clients with the assurance that their infrastructure is being proactively monitored and maintained to ensure a stable and secure landscape. Our expert engineers and our reliable infrastructure support tools ensure that our clients’ critical applications run with minimal disruption.
Real-time Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting

Via our Network Operations Centre (NOC), we do real-time monitoring and alerting of the WAN, firewall, routers, switches, wireless access points, servers, and other critical IT platform components and systems. This ensures a holistic view of the status and health of the IT platform which hosts your business systems. Reports are generated and shared regularly and where possible, these are shared real-time on our online portal.

Remedial Technical Support
Our NOC and Support Team work together to provide remedial action in response to alerts from the real-time monitoring system​. 
Escalated Support

Our Escalations Team deals with any advanced technical support that is escalated to them. This team has a significant breadth and depth of skill and is typically involved in emergency support incidents, e.g. systems recovery.

Patch Management
Our infrastructure support service is responsible for security patching of the Windows servers and workstations, firewalls, and anti-virus systems of your IT environment. 
Backup Management
Our NOC Team performs the backup management of your production systems, ensuring that business critical data and systems are backed up as required.
Data/System Restores

Included in the infrastructure support services remit is the recovery of managed data and/or systems, to last known state from the last good backup. ​ If your business has an IT Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan and Solution in place, the switchover to (and failback from) the defined DR is included in the remit.

Master MSP Services

The combination of our advanced systems with our dedicated customisation team, means we can provide high quality, tailored monitoring systems to other IT teams or providers. We can also provide team members to augment IT Teams with needed skill sets and pick up spill-over for over-worked IT departments. ​

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