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An Epic Journey in Support of Education

Cyberlogic CEO, Mark Tew, will be taking part in the ultimate test of endurance and skill for mountain bike enthusiasts to raise funds for Education.

In the heart of South Africa’s Western Cape, amidst lush mountains and breath-taking landscapes, lies the ultimate test of endurance and skill for mountain bike enthusiasts — the Absa Cape Epic. With over 600 kilometres of challenging terrain, this race is not for the faint-hearted. But for Mark Tew, Cyberlogic CEO and an avid mountain biker, and his childhood friend, Duane Hulley, it is an opportunity to not only fulfil a personal dream, but also to make a difference by supporting the Bright Start Education Support Programme through the R4C fundraising initiative. 

Taking on the Absa Cape Epic 

The Absa Cape Epic is recognised in South Africa as the pinnacle of mountain bike stage racing. The rugged terrain, steep climbs, and leg-busting elevation gains push participants to their limits, both physically and mentally. For Mark the Epic is the ultimate challenge and number one on his MTB bucket list. 

As a first-time Epic participant, Mark is relying on his passion and determination (and his slightly more experienced teammate) to keep him on (the single) track. With one Cape Epic under his belt already, Duane Hulley, shares Mark’s passion for mountain biking and making a difference while doing it. Together, as “Team R4C”, they will test their mettle as they navigate the challenging terrain of the race and unpredictable Western Cape weather.

Why the R4C initiative matters

Team R4C’s commitment to making a difference through education goes back to the founding of R4C several years ago. Initially devised as a way for a group of cycling buddies to make a difference while doing something they love, R4C has taken on a life of its own. Currently in the process of registering as an official non-profit organisation, R4C has always been single-minded in its vision: to support the provision of quality education to disadvantaged youth in South Africa. It achieves this vision through its support of the Bright Start Education Support Programme. 

By taking part in the Absa Cape Epic, and with your help, Mark and Duane aim to raise at least R20 000 for Bright Start, to help South Africa’s disadvantaged youth reach their full potential. 

Training and preparing for the Epic journey

Getting ready for the Absa Cape Epic takes months of rigorous training. Despite breaking his collarbone a few months ago, Duane is undaunted, spending hours on an indoor trainer in anticipation for his return to the single track. His teammate’s journey has not been without its own challenges. A back injury in December, saw Mark taking some time out of the saddle over the festive break, but he is now back to spending hours on the beautiful trails surrounding his hometown of Durbanville in preparation for the race.

Facing challenges and overcoming fears 

Mark recently shared his justified apprehension about some of the challenges he and Duane will be facing during the race, one of them being the infamous "Cliff Hanger", a highly unpredictable section of the course located on private trails. Mark explained that this daunting section presents an intense challenge for even the most experienced riders. 

The Western Cape’s infamously unpredictable weather patterns are another concern for the duo. Most mountain bikers detest mud (despite all evidence to the contrary) and will only ride in it if absolutely necessary. But with the recent unseasonal rainfall in the Western Cape, this is a very real possibility. Another concern is the possibility of extreme heat and – of course – the very rugged and complex terrain, all of which will test their endurance to the limits.  

Despite these fears, Mark and Duane remain determined to conquer the Absa Cape Epic and raise funds to make an impact in the lives of others. 

With your help, they can create a lasting impact in the lives of South Africa’s most vulnerable.  

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