The goal: Proactivity in an ever-evolving landscape of cyberthreats.

What we do: We detect and respond to cyberthreats, optimise your cloud costs and get a better ROI for your technology.

Who’s it for: The Optimised Service is for business owners who are looking to reduce their cloud spend and get the most out of their existing IT investments, all while ensuring they have top-end security support. This service includes our Managed and Secured Services. 

What can you expect?

Better RoI for your technology investments​

A better ROI for your technology investments

Educate your team to ensure that the full feature-sets of your tools are being used to increase ROI on your technology investments.

Round the Clock Support​

Round-the-clock support

Access to our Security Operations Centre, focused on detecting, responding to and preventing cyberattacks.

Customized Security Strategy for your Business​

Customised security strategy for your business​

Get expert advice and an execution plan on how to address your people, processes, policies and technology to optimise cybersecurity and governance.

Reduced Cloud Costs​

Reduced cloud costs​

Get better ROI on Azure with devoted support. Our Microsoft-certified engineers will ensure your resources match the required proactive workload management to rationalise and optimise performance, cost and security.​

Improved Productivity​

Improved productivity

Access online training to streamline the adoption of new technology, while ensuring your people are empowered to utilise it to its full capacity.

Not sure where you fit?

The core focus for the service is on:



Advanced monthly patching which include 3rd party applications. Managed workload Antivirus with threat protection. Cloud storage of backups for Servers and Office365. Disaster Recovery capability and testing.
Threat Protection

Threat Protection

Mail scanning and protection. Managed Security Awareness Training. Annual password audit to identify weak passwords. Annual Network Penetration Test to identify control weaknesses.
Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Active scanning for vulnerabilities will be reported, logged and remediated across the landscape. Entire networks will be scanned for vulnerabilities while the SOC team works on investigating potential incidents.
Endpoint protection

Endpoint protection

Centralised password reset portal. Standardised endpoint rollout and policies. Advanced patching including 3rd party applications. Roaming web content filtering.
Reporting and Remediation

Reporting and Remediation

Access to a live dashboard with active vulnerabilities. Monthly reports regarding security posture. M365 change management and user training. Cloud cost optimisation including licensing and workload/consumption rationalisation.