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We detect, monitor, report and advise on your cyber risk.

What we offer

Group 37303

Email Hygiene

Ensure that your email is secure by implementing security measures which govern and protect against potential malicious attacks executed via email such as phishing, spoofing and malware infections.

End-user Security Awareness Training

End-user Security Awareness Training

Keep your staff informed on the most pressing security attack vectors via interactive training. The training covers Passwords, Phishing, Office Hygiene, Information Protection, Data in Motion, and others.

Group 37302

Vulnerability Management Reporting

Obtain a view of vulnerabilities across your systems via daily updated dashboards. Dashboards can be rolled up into trend data for executives or drilled into for additional technical detail.

Reduced Cloud Costs​

Vulnerability Remediation

Cyberlogic has a team of skilled security experts who have experience in following sound processes to remediate security vulnerabilities.

Group 37301

Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention

Detect and prevent suspicious behaviour in your environment by monitoring network activity. The intrusion detection system alerts on suspicious behaviour while the intrusion prevention system takes action to block suspicious actions.

Group 37300 (2)

Managed Security Operations Centre

Ensure that your alerts are being actioned by engaging with the Cyberlogic SOC. We can report on, action, and investigate security alerts detected in your environment. The Cyberlogic SOC conducts email investigations to actively investigate and release mails which get blocked by the mail hygiene system.

Customized Security Strategy for your Business​

Password Complexity Audit

Monitor password strength to prevent user passwords being cracked by attackers.

Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing

Our ethical hackers simulate real attacks on your network to identify control deficiencies, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could compromise your environment.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

We perform digital forensic evidence-gathering and investigations in the case of a compromise.

Group 37321

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning

Automatically scan your web applications for known vulnerabilities which are reported in an easy-to-understand manner.

Group 37317 (1)

Governance, Risk and Compliance

We ensure all relevant IT security related policies, standards, and procedures are in place and meet industry best practices. We also conduct IT security configuration audits to ensure that systems are configured with security in mind and abide to industry best practises.

Group 37322

Web Application Penetration Testing

We conduct Web Application Testing to identify weaknesses before real attackers do. Web Application Penetration Tests focus on the OWASP Top 10 web application security risks as a minimum scope.

Group 37323

Insider Threat Analysis

Cyberlogic has a team of skilled security experts who have experience in following sound processes to remediate security vulnerabilities.

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