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Cybercrime is on the rise globally as malicious hackers, insider threats and crime syndicates are constantly targeting cyber immature companies to exfiltrate data and cause disruption. Whatever the motive, from money to personal vendetta, it’s impossible to predict where the next cybercrime attempt will come from and so important to ensure your company is protected against all existing threats.

Cybercrime takes many forms such as data exfiltration, denial of service attacks, ransomware and malicious data destroying viruses. As falling victim to such crime has consequences ranging from reputational damage to significant monetary fines, protecting your company against cybercrime is well worth it.


Let our team of ethical hackers find out how vulnerable your organisation is by providing thorough insight into the state of your IT environment’s cyber security. Partnering with us will give you the peace of mind that alongside the cyber security related risks we flag, you’ll receive recommendations for how to mitigate them.

Vulnerability Testing
Automated vulnerability scans run using our software and the results are analysed and presented in a report format.
Configuration Assessments
These assessments provide a view of the current configuration of your devices against industry recognized secure standards.
Network Penetration Tests

The network penetration test provides a real-life simulation of a hacker or insider threat attacking your network. This can be conducted from an internal and external perspective, includes a Wi-Fi assessment if Wi-Fi is in use within your environment and provides insight into the risks and security holes existing within your network. The difference between a penetration and a vulnerability test is that a vulnerability scan is a mass automated test that highlights potential vulnerabilities, and a penetration test is a hands-on manual search for vulnerabilities which need human intervention to leverage.

Web Application Penetration Tests

The web application penetration test provides a real-life simulation of a hacker attacking an external facing or internal web application. This provides insight on the risks and vulnerabilities existing within your web applications.

Phishing Campaigns

Cyberlogic phishing campaigns are designed to simulate a realistic phishing attack by making use of information which can be gathered via public platforms such as social media platforms and client websites. The attack is then launched against your staff and a report is delivered which provides insight into your user cyber security awareness.


Cyberlogic has a team of specialised staff which can be deployed to remediate any issues highlighted in the vulnerability assessments. This solution provides you with the peace of mind that all vulnerabilities will be remediated by professional qualified IT engineers, through projects which are carefully planned in order to minimise disruption to business continuity.

Password Audits

Cyberlogic uses a specialised password cracking rig which makes use of the techniques that malicious hackers are currently using. The rig is used to test the rigor of current account passwords on your network (Cyberlogic supports Windows, Linux and SQL database password audits). This solution provides insight into whether your users are setting secure passwords on their accounts – including administrators who set service account passwords.

Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

Cyberlogic can deploy an IDS/IPS on your environment which provides insight into real- time security events on your network. Furthermore, this solution can be configured to alert of any data exfiltration activities. The security events can be monitored by the client or by the Cyberlogic Security Operations Centre.

Digital Forensics

Often electronically stored information containing key evidence is overlooked or inadequately collected and this leads to a failed investigation. At Cyberlogic we have experienced forensic experts who make use of industry standard forensic tools and methodologies in order to collect, index and reconstruct data. This data can be analysed and used to reinforce a legal case, or it can be used to identify how successful cyber attacks occurred so that lessons can be learned, and preventative measures can be implemented on the environment.

Digital Evidence Imaging
Our Cyberforensics Team has the skills to collect and store digital evidence in a manner that is admissible in court.
Digital Image Processing and Indexing
Our Cyberforensics Team can provide a service to process and index images of digital evidence to allow for easier analysis due to searching capabilities and compartmentalization.

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